Utility Relocation and Coordination

With a combined experience of 30+ years, Poe and Associate’s Utility team understands what it takes to provide utility relocation services within a project. Our experience in the ODOT Utilities Branch has provided us with an unmatched knowledge of ODOT policy and procedure, state statutes, and federal regulations regarding utility relocations. By identifying conflicts early in the project, our team works with design engineers to facilitate design modifications that can help minimize or eliminate impacts to your project and allow you to meet your timeline goals.

OGen utility impacts are unavoidable. Our experience working with utility owners from the initial contact through the work order will provide both your design team and the utility owner with confidence that the process will be executed as efficiently as possible. Additionally, working with clients to obtain the approval of proposals can be a complicated process. Our team has unmatched experience successfully navigating these complicated procedures to complete the projects and support the project schedule.

Areas of Expertise

  • Identify potential utility conflicts and provide an executive summary report
  • Cost opinion preparation
  • Project review for right-of-way needs
  • Prepare Plan-in-Hand report for 30% plans
  • Review 60% plans for compliance
  • Prepare programming estimate
  • Create a plan of relocation
  • Hold field meetings with utility owners
  • Generate preliminary Utility Relocation Plans
  • Review and Distribute plan revisions
  • Suggest and prepare revision requests
  • Work with utility owners to prepare a utility relocation proposal
  • Issue an approval deferred letter upon proposal approval
  • Prepare Final Utility Relocation Plans
  • Prepare and Distribute work orders
  • Work with utility owners to prepare contractor approvals