Richland Road over Shell Creek

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Poe & Associates was selected by the City of Oklahoma City to design the replacement bridge at Richland Road over Shell Creek. The new bridge is being designed on an offset alignment to improve the alignment with the roadway. The clear roadway width of the new bridge will be 32 feet in order to accommodate two 12-foot lanes and 4-foot shoulders. The new bridge will be a Standard Triple 14’x10’ Reinforced Concrete Box skewed 30 degrees. The project also includes roadway design to accommodate the vertical changes required at the bridge and the minimum width required for this section. The new section will be a 32-foot TBSC section utilizing ODOT Roadway Standard and accommodating two 12-foot traffic lanes and 4-foot shoulders with no guardrail required. The intent of this project is to better align the roadway with the bridge and transition back to the existing alignment while extending the roadway to improve an existing sharp, narrow curve and drainage issues in the roadway. Even with these roadway improvements, Poe was able to minimize roadway extents to 700 feet.

Construction Cost – $500,000
Completion – Under construction


City of Oklahoma City
420 W. Main Street, Suite 700
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Project Team: