Pavement Rehabilitation Plan

Grove, Oklahoma

The City of Grove selected Poe & Associates in 2015 to develop and manage the City’s Pavement Rehabilitation Plan. Prior to Poe’s selection, the City was not utilizing a pavement rehabilitation system. Poe was able to assist them with not only the development of a plan that met their needs, but Poe has continued assisting the City as they maintain the pavement rehabilitation plan. Poe’s services include pavement investigations, necessary surveys, recommendation of pavement design alternatives, and construction plans and contract documents. Each year the services are completed in three phases: preliminary design, final design, and construction administration. In 2015 Poe completed the repair and rehabilitation of 12 streets. In 2016 the project list increased to 13 and in 2017 Poe completed the repair and rehabilitation of 18 streets.

Construction Cost – NA
Completion – On-going


City of Grove
104 W. 3rd Street
Grove, OK 74344

Project Team: