Chisholm Creek Wastewater Pollution Control Facility

Chisholm Creek Wastewater Pollution Control Facility

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

For the expansion of the City of Oklahoma City’s existing Chisholm Creek Wastewater Pollution Control Facility, Poe & Associates partnered with Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc. (CDM). The facility was expanded from 5MG to 10MGD. Poe’s services included the following tasks:

  • Site survey of the existing facilities to include the depth of structures and hydraulic profile of all the existing structures.
  • Development of existing site plan and proposed site plan drawings to include yard piping.
  • Development of the geometric site plan and site grading plan drawings.
  • Design of replacing the existing wastewater plant yard piping with new and larger piping to service the existing and expanded wastewater facility.
  • Design of new 36-inch force mains to transfer wastewater from the main lift station to the wastewater treatment facility head works and to the wastewater holding pond.

Construction Cost – $12 million
Completion – 2011


City of Oklahoma City
420 W. Main, Suite 500
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Project Team: