Driving Forward Program - GIS Mapping

Driving Forward Program - GIS Mapping

Oklahoma CIty, Oklahoma

Poe & Associates is overseeing all of the GIS efforts for the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority’s Driving Forward Program. These duties include a laundry list of items, with the following responsibilities highlighted:

  • Create Bi-weekly Right-of-Way acquisition progress maps and KMZ files – four corridors (four maps – 8 KMZ files) – maps provide an “at-a-glance” depiction of where the corridor/parcel is in the acquisition process – KMZ files provide additional information including county accessor information and links
  • Create weekly Right-of-Entry (ROE) spreadsheets and bi-weekly ROE KMZ files – provides a quick reference regarding ROE for construction and utility relocations
  • Coordinate with county accessor GIS departments to ensure updated accessor information is provided in the KMZ files
  • Create Design team plans in KMZ file format – provides a constancy throughout the corridors and across the design teams – files include Alignment, Bridge, Drainage, ROW, Paving, Toes, Ditches, and Existing ROW
  • Create and Maintain 27 SharePoint sites for four corridors – sites including Environmental, Design, Right-of-Way, and Construction Management
  • Create maps/files for Environmental studies – BIA, FEMA, EPA – requires coordination with Environmental Firms and government agencies such as USFWS and USACE
  • Create maps/KMZ files for public meetings
  • Create and update Construction Package maps
  • Create RFI maps/KMZ files



Oklahoma Turnpike Authority
3500 Martin Luther King
P.O. Box 11357
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Project Team: