State Bridge Rehabilitation

State Bridge Rehabilitation

Throughout Oklahoma

Under the Statewide Bridge Redecking and Rehabilitation contract, Poe & Associates has inspected numerous bridge sites and prepared photo documentation outlining repair recommendations and cost estimates including necessary safety features and traffic control. To date, Poe has completed 50 bridge field assessment reports (on schedule) and 40 final rehabilitation plans (on schedule). The final design plans include redecking/rehabilitation and overlays with widening; bridge painting; expansion joint repair/replacement; structural steel repair/replacement, including beams and bearings; bearing pad replacement; approach slab replacement; bridge rail and guard rail repair/replacement, Substructure repair/replacement, along with other safety appurtenances and traffic control.

A representative list of projects completed under this contract include:

  • I-40 over the Arkansas River, Muskogee/ Sequoyah Counties
  • SH-3 over Clear Boggy Creek, Pontotoc County
  • US-177 over Salt Creek, Pottawatomie County
  • SH-33 over Little Deer Creek, Custer County
  • SH-33 over Dry Creek, Custer County
  • SH-47 over Big Deer Creek, Custer County
  • SH-47 over Little Deer Creek, Custer, County
  • US-183 over Glen Creek, Kiowa, County
  • SH-33 over Beaver Creek, Custer, County
  • SH-3E over Little River, Seminole County
  • US-64 over Shell Creek & N. 161st W. Ave, Tulsa County
  • US-64 over S. 193rd W. Ave, Tulsa County
  • SH-266 over US-169, Tulsa County
  • E. 36th St. N. over US-169, Tulsa County
  • SH-266 over Verdigris River, Rogers County
  • US-70 over Rock Creek, Bryan County
  • SH-31 over US-270, Pittsburg County
  • I-35 Rush Creek, Garvin County
  • S.H. 102 over Captain Creek, Lincoln County
  • S.H. 99A over Snake Creek, Seminole County

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Oklahoma Department of Transportation
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