Lindsey Street: 24th Avenue to Berry Road

Norman, Oklahoma

The City of Norman selected the design team of Poe & Associates and SAIC to complete the street widening project on Lindsey Street from 24th Avenue to East of Berry Road. The project consists of two phases: an early Storm Drainage Diversion project and the Lindsey Street Widening project. The storm sewer diversion project resulted from the City of Norman’s Storm Water Master Plan completed in 2009. For the proposed storm sewer diversion system the design includes a large RCB storm drainage system and the plans will coincide with ODOT’s construction schedule for the I-35/SH-9 Interchange project. The second part of the project involves widening Lindsey Street to accommodate a five lane section from 24th Avenue to Berry Road, and transition to a two lane section east of Imhoff Creek. The design also includes the following components:

  • ADA compliant sidewalks and ramps along both sides of Lindsey Street.
  • Consolidation of driveways where it is practical for better access management.
  • Reconstruction of driveways to provide vertical alignment, sight distance, ADA compliance, and drainage.
  • New, fully actuated traffic signal at the existing McGee Drive and Berry Road Intersections.
  • New signal interconnect along Lindsey Street from 24th Avenue to Berry Road
  • New signalized intersection at Murphy Street and Wylie Road. Will incorporate the roadway modifications necessary to provide adequate capacity and safety; including sufficient storage and taper for left turn lanes.
  • Widen Lindsey Street to the east of Berry Road to include the construction of the new Imhoff Creek Bridge.

Construction Cost – $25M
Completion – 2018


City of Norman
201 W. Gray, Building A
P.O. Box 370
Norman, OK 73070

Project Team: