Irrigation and Water Storage Alternatives at KickingBird Golf Club

Edmond, Oklahoma

for irrigation and water storage alternatives for KickingBird Golf Club. As part of the project, Poe, with assistance from sub-consultants, conducted a thorough review of the existing system. In addition to improving the current irrigation system, Poe also explored several options to help the course obtain/store water during conservation periods. The options included an emergency/backup water source, storage tanks, rain harvesting, and a golf course reuse system adding reclaimed water into the existing irrigation system.

The objective of the irrigation and water storage alternatives study was to provide the City and the Golf Club with an evaluation and recommendations to improve the irrigation facilities at the golf course, as well as a plan of action moving forward. Water shortages and conservation have grown more prominent in Oklahoma’s recent periods of drought.

Construction Cost – NA
Completion – 2017


City of Edmond
10 S. Littler
Edmond, OK 73034

Project Team: