I-35 / I-240 (Crossroads) Interchange

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Poe & Associates was selected by ODOT to complete all engineering design and drafting services required to prepare complete detailed construction plans for grading, drainage, surfacing, bridges, retaining walls, railroads, signing, striping, lighting, signalization, detours and traffic control for reconstruction of the I-35/I-240 Interchange in Oklahoma City.

The proposed interchange is a three level partial cloverleaf system. It will maintain single exit design with the the exception of eastbound I-240 where two exits are necessary to provide for the north and southbound I-35 traffic. Loops ramps will provide the westbound I-240 to southbound I-35 movement in the NW Quadrant and the eastbound I-240 to northbound I-35 movement in the SE Quadrant. The I-35 mainline consisting of six basic lanes will be on present alignment and will be constructed as a separate project prior to the major interchange improvements.

Construction Cost – $23M
Completion – In progress


Oklahoma Department of Transportation
200 NE 21st Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Project Team: