I-35 Corridor: John Kilpatrick Turnpike North to Waterloo Road

Edmond, Oklahoma

Poe & Associates was selected by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the City of Edmond to study the I-35 corridor through Edmond from the John Kilpatrick Turnpike north to Waterloo Road. The study includes analysis of converting the existing two-way frontage roads along I-35 through Edmond to one-way operation from Memorial Road to 2nd Street. Conversion to one-way operation will require converting ramps from the existing “buttonhook” type ramps to “slip” type ramps in order to operate with the one-way traffic of the frontage roads. Additionally, an auxiliary lane between each entrance and exit ramp would be constructed between each interchange from Memorial Road to 2nd Street, and separate turnaround bridges would be constructed at 33rd Street, 15th Street, and 2nd Street to allow u-turn traffic movements in advance of the frontage road signalized intersections. The study will also analyze need and feasibility of additional lanes to the existing I-35 mainline and potential modification of existing interchanges from 2nd Street to Waterloo Road.

In October 2017, a public meeting was held to discuss and receive public comment on the modification of frontage roads from two-way to one-way operation followed. In 2018, the City of Edmond adopted a resolution in favor of one-way operation. Design concepts are in development to modify the I-35 entrance and exit ramps from Memorial Road to 2nd Street. Additional concepts for addition of a lane to I-35 and modification of interchanges are also under consideration north of 2nd Street.

In 2019, final plan preparation was begun for the turnaround bridges at 33rd Street, 15th Street and 2nd Street. Final plans for the ramp modifications, auxiliary lane addition and one-way frontage road conversion from Memorial Road to 2nd Street will closely follow while the concepts for interchanges and addition of lanes to I-35 north of 2nd Street are finalized.

Construction Cost – NA
Completion – In Study Phase


Oklahoma Department of Transportation
Division 4 Headquarters
P.O. Box 471
Perry, OK 73077

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