Gilcrease Expressway Survey

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Gilcrease Expressway is on the west side of Tulsa passing through an older residential and commercial area. Poe’s involvement in this survey was to verify that all land parcels were accounted for and that there are no gaps or overlaps in the right-of-way purchase area. This survey involved nearly 200 land parcels, some residential and some commercial property. Over 1400 documents were collected and reviewed for parcel legal descriptions and rights-of-way affecting the parcels. Each land parcel constituted a lot survey and as such we searched for over 500 lot corners. A parcel drawing was created with the parcels plotted based on found corners and parcel legal descriptions. Coordinate positions were extracted from that drawing and the missing parcel corners were reset. The attached exhibit is one of nineteen survey data sheets showing some of the parcels surveyed. We have shown on these data sheets lot and block corners found and set. All three Poe field crews plus office staff have worked together on this survey.

Construction Cost – NA
Completion – In progress


Oklahoma Turnpike Authority
3500 Martin Luther King
P.O. Box 11357
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Project Team: