Chisholm Creek Sanitary Sewer Relief Line

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Chisholm Creek Sanitary Sewer Relief Line project from N.W. 150th to N.W. 115th Street included the construction of approximately 7,300 feet of 36-inch and 3,900 feet of 30-inch sanitary sewer relief line, generally extending from NW 150th Street, west of Western Avenue to NW 115th Street, east of Pennsylvania Avenue. Also included in the project was the preparation and submittal of an Environmental Information Document (EID), Corps 404 permits, and Oklahoma Turnpike Authority permits. Services included survey, design, specifications, bidding documents, and as-built drawings.

Construction Cost – $6 million
Completion – 2011


City of Oklahoma City
420 W. Main, Suite 500
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Project Team: