Atoka Pipeline

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Poe & Associates is part of a team designing 10 miles of the proposed Oklahoma City Atoka 72-inch raw water pipeline. Poe designed the following as part of the 100% submittal to Oklahoma City:

  • Access points and access design drawings. This included culvert locations, sizes and lengths gravel road, fencing & gate details and traffic control signage details.
  • Haul routes drawing showing proposed routes the contractors are to use to minimize the traffic congestion and damage to the County and State roadways. This included coordination with the Pottawatomie County Commissioners.
  • Storm Water Pollution and erosion control plans, to include rip rap locations and details for the exposed pipe encasements and river & stream crossing details.
  • Existing Utilities with ownership, size and type
  • Future additional tasks will include the following:
    • Preparation of easement documents
    • Staking of right of way
    • Pipe procurement documents for the 72-inch pipe
    • Construction inspection

Construction Cost – NA, still in progress
Completion – NA, still in progress


City of Oklahoma City
420 W. Main Street, Suite 700
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Project Team: