Atoka Pipeline Survey & System Engineer Assistance

Southeast Oklahoma

Poe & Associates is part of the CDM Smith team that was selected by Oklahoma City to perform numerous duties as System Engineer for this project. These overall duties include preparation of the Southeast Oklahoma Raw Water Supply System Report, survey for the entire 100 mile Atoka Pipeline Corridor, pump station design, and, other related items. Specifically, Poe assisted in the preparation of the report, will be performing the field survey for the north 50 miles from Ada to Lake Stanley Draper, and will assist in the pump station design. In addition to the survey, key Poe personnel have been involved in many strategy meetings with CDM Smith and Oklahoma City. These meetings have assisted in forging the implementation plan moving forward for this massive project and Poe has extensive knowledge of many of the key issues on the waterline project.

Construction Cost – NA
Completion –2017


City of Oklahoma City
420 W. Main Street, Suite 700
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Project Team: