Ellie has experience in both Project Management and Land Acquisition, working on numerous Right-of-Way Transportation projects throughout the industry since 2014.  Ellie has worked with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA), Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E), Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and several City and County clients. 

Ellie has worked on a variety of State Highway/Roadway, Bridge, BIA, Sewer line, Water line, Bike Lane, and Sidewalk projects across the State.  She was also involved working on a FEMA grant program that enabled the county to buy out homes in flood prone division(s).  Ellie has skills in documentation review for Quality Control Quality Assurance and auditing.  She is currently assisting with the R/W Mapping and Survey team at Poe to expand her expertise.  

Ellie graduated from Southern Nazarene University with her Master’s degree in Business Administration and is an active Member of the International Right-of-Way Association (IRWA).  Last, she is bilingual in both English and Farsi.