Vice President

Matt currently works in transportation engineering and has experience in drainage design, paving, geometrics, erosion control, traffic control, construction sequencing, and general civil engineering practice on a variety of projects.

Greg’s experience includes roadway design, storm sewer design, geometric layout, and construction management throughout Oklahoma.

As a member of Poe & Associates’ Bridge Engineering team, Scott has applied the principles of the specifications to design and detail box culverts, pre-stressed concrete beam/steel girder bridges, concrete slab span bridges, curved steel girder bridges, deep drilled shaft & H-Pile foundations, cast-in-place retaining and sound barrier walls.

Tommy has experience in roadway design and project management, serving as an integral part of multiple project design teams. His project responsibilities and involvement include horizontal and vertical alignments, hydraulics and drainage, quantity calculations, and cost estimates.

Megan joined the Poe and Associates team in 2022 as a Right of Way Manager supporting the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority’s Access Oklahoma Program. She is a well-rounded Right of Way Professional who is highly resourceful, motivated, and committed to client satisfaction.

Kate directly handles financial matters, preparing monthly billing for our Tulsa branch office, accounts payable/receivable, banking, credit and collections on client accounts.

Richard has 46 years of professional experience in consulting engineering with a wide range of project experience. He has extensive experience and knowledge of water and sewer systems, drainage, utilities relocation for roadway improvements, and paving projects.

Heather specializes in creating processes that allow the various team members to do their jobs more efficiently. Her work in due diligence, auditing, quality control, tracking and reporting have been instrumental in the success of the Driving Forward Program.

Financial Manager

Amanda’s responsibilities and involvement include contract development and maintenance for the life of the contract, assisting with the financial reporting and invoicing.

Sean has worked as a highway engineer for over seven years, gaining invaluable experience in all facets of large urban highway design and project delivery. He has worked on DOT, Municipal and Turnpike projects as both a Design Engineer and Project Manager.

Mr. Kohn has worked in transportation engineering and roadway design for 32 years. Since joining Poe & Associates in 1997, Mike has continued to increase his knowledge and abilities in the areas of urban and rural highway design.

Phil has been involved in all of the major projects in Oklahoma over the last few decades as the Department’s leader in performing Value Engineering (VE), determining contract times using Critical Path Method (CPM) analysis and reviewing estimates for the approximately $750 million annual program.

Marketing Coordinator

As the Marketing Coordinator for Poe & Associates, Lindsay oversees the day to day activities related to project pursuits for the company. 

Remington has been with Poe for five years. He has been involved in many aspects of highway design including horizontal geometric design, vertical geometric design, stormwater analysis/design and pavement rehabilitation design.

Craig’s experience includes transportation planning, roadway design, environmental clearance, project management and public involvement for some of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s largest projects.

Ellie has experience in both Project Management and Land Acquisition, working on numerous Right-of-Way Transportation projects throughout the industry since 2014. Ellie has worked on a variety of State Highway/Roadway, Bridge, BIA, Sewer line, Water line, Bike Lane, and Sidewalk projects across the State.

Colin has experience in all aspects of roadway and bridge design, as well as construction phasing and administration experience, offering a unique perspective useful throughout the design of a project.

Kyndra’s primary responsibilities include GIS analysis and tracking, GIS map creation, and the creation and maintenance of geodatabases for projects involving roadways, drainage, water and sewer lines, right-of-way acquisition, utility relocation and other civil engineering items.

Justin holds a professional license in Oklahoma and Kansas and has been surveying for 25 years working on various types of surveys, including topographical, boundary, highway construction, design, site construction surveys, research, recoordation and legal descriptions.

MaKyla’s primary responsibilities include GIS analysis and tracking, GIS map creation, and the creation and maintenance of geodatabases for projects involving roadways, drainage, water and sewer lines, right-of-way acquisition, and other civil engineering items.

Doug’s experience includes a far encompassing body of work ranging from water and wastewater treatment and distribution and collection systems to arterial streets and urban interstates.

Bill is a highly respected transportation engineer with experience designing urban expressways and municipal infrastructure projects including storm drainage systems, storm detention facilities, sidewalks and streets.

Courtney is a Certified Right-of-Way Professional specializing in Oklahoma Transportation. She has worked the last 11 years on numerous highway, bridge, and municipal roadway projects as well as City sidewalk projects.

Jeremy Planteen joins Poe after having spent over 10 years at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and six years at the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). While at ODOT, Jeremy developed and implemented the Department’s nationally recognized GIS and Geospatial Data Management division, including broad enterprise deployments of Esri ArcGIS Online, Portal, and business intelligence.

Amanda’s substantial background in delivering acquisition and relocation assistance services extends for two decades on government projects across Oklahoma. She has also worked on acquisition and relocation projects for the Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi Departments of Transportation.

Kaitlin’s primary responsibilities include GIS analysis and tracking, GIS map creation, and the creation and maintenance of geodatabases for projects involving roadways, drainage, water and sewer lines, right-of-way acquisition, utility relocation and other civil engineering items.

Since joining the Poe team in 2019, Kyle has worked in several different areas ranging from CADD drafting/design, construction Inspection, as well as utility relocation. For the last several years, Kyle has been working with our Utility Relocation Team on various Oklahoma Department of Transportation highway projects.

Lee joined the Utility Relocation Team in 2023. His previous experience was from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s Utility Branch where his focus was on utility relocation for 8 years.

Martin has experience in all phases of utility relocations such as conflict assessment, utility avoidance through design changes, programming estimate, creating the plan of relocation, and providing guidance to utility owners to ensure project success.

Michael joined Poe & Associates in the Fall of 2022 bringing 18 years of experience in the transportation industry to the company. Michael’s experience in design and utility relocation brings a great deal of knowledge to the team, contributing to the overall goal of client satisfaction.

Robert is responsible for the project control of all right of way projects, including status of projects, problem solving, and on time and correct deliverables. Prior to joining Poe Team Robert retired from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation after 39 years of service with the last 8 years as the Chief, Right of Way & Utilities Division.

Shawn joins the Poe team after a long tenure in the public service arena. He brings a wealth of knowledge to Poe through his management experience, as well as a new perspective of what clients are looking for when hiring a professional services company.