Professional Staff

  • Rusty has been involved in many aspects of highway design including horizontal geometric design, vertical geometric design, stormwater analysis/design and pavement rehabilitation design.

    Rusty's Bio

  • Chief Financial Officer

    Amy has 22 years of experience in the construction and engineering industry and she currently serves as Human Resources Director and Assistant Controller for Poe & Associates.

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  • Senior Vice President

    As Principal-in-Charge of the Oklahoma City office, John's responsibilities include ensuring project teams have the personnel and physical resources necessary to complete successful projects.

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  • Vice President

    Matt currently works in transportation engineering and has experience in drainage design, paving, geometrics, erosion control, traffic control, construction sequencing, and general civil engineering practice on a variety of projects.

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  • Senior Vice President

    As Senior Vice President and Manager of Poe’s Tulsa office, Jay has experience in all phases of civil engineering including engineering studies; right-of-way documents; airport, roadway, highway, water, sewer, and site design; and has served as construction manager and resident engineer for several hundred million dollars in construction.

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  • As a manager of transportation projects, Todd assumes the weight of the project development process for his clients, offering guidance and over 20 years of experience toward each project’s goals.  

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  • Greg's experience includes roadway design, storm sewer design, geometric layout, and construction management throughout Oklahoma.

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  • As a member of Poe & Associates’ Bridge Engineering team, Scott has applied the principles of the specifications to design and detail box culverts, pre-stressed concrete beam/steel girder bridges, concrete slab span bridges, curved steel girder bridges, deep drilled shaft & H-Pile foundations, cast-in-place retaining & sound barrier walls, and other temporary structures (sheet pile walls) needed to facilitate construction.

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  • Tommy has experience in roadway design and project management, serving as an integral part of multiple project design teams. His project responsibilities and involvement include horizontal and vertical alignments, hydraulics and drainage, quantity calculations, and cost estimates.

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  • Kate directly handles financial matters, preparing monthly billing for our Tulsa branch office, accounts payable/receivable, banking, credit and collections on client accounts.

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  • Richard has 44 years of professional experience in consulting engineering with a wide range of project experience. He has extensive experience and knowledge of water and sewer systems, drainage, utilities relocation for roadway improvements, and paving projects.

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  • Heather specializes in creating processes that allow the various team members to do their jobs more efficiently. Her work in due diligence, auditing, quality control, tracking and reporting have been instrumental in the success of the Driving Forward Program.

    Heather's Bio

  • Vice President

    During the past 38 years Jim has primarily focused on infrastructure rehabilitation and facility management systems for both local roadways and major highways.  He has extensive experience with managing and designing municipal infrastructure projects; including streets, sidewalks, storm drainage systems, and water line improvements. 

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  • Financial Manager

    Amanda’s responsibilities and involvement include contract development and maintenance for the life of the contract, assisting with the financial reporting and invoicing.

    Amanda's Bio

  • Sean has worked as a highway engineer for over seven years, gaining invaluable experience in all facets of large urban highway design and project delivery. He has worked on DOT, Municipal and Turnpike projects as both a Design Engineer and Project Manager.

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  • Michael is a Structural Project Manager and has over 15 years of experience in structural design on various projects including bridges on city streets, county roads, and state and interstate highways, pedestrian bridges, retaining walls, reinforced concrete boxes, and parking structure inspection.

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  • Marketing Coordinator

    As the Marketing Coordinator for Poe & Associates, Lindsay oversees the day to day activities related to project pursuits for the company.

    Lindsay's Bio

  • Remington has been involved in many aspects of highway design including  horizontal geometric design, vertical geometric design, stormwater analysis/design and pavement rehabilitation design.

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  • Craig’s experience includes transportation planning, roadway design, environmental clearance, project management and public involvement for some of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s largest projects.

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  • As a water and wastewater system design engineer, Mark uses his first-hand construction knowledge to produce highly efficient construction documents and to provide construction oversight.

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  • David has a variety of tasks including designing bridges, reinforced concrete boxes, retaining walls and other structures; working on city paving projects; and providing guidance concerning management of major transportation projects from the government administrator point of view.

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  • Vice President

    Helene has 31 years of engineering experience in geometric design, traffic analysis, preliminary survey, project management, and roadway design.

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  • Colin has experience in all aspects of roadway and bridge design, as well as construction phasing and administration experience, offering a unique perspective useful throughout the design of a project.

    Colin's Bio

  • Kyndra’s primary responsibilities include GIS analysis and tracking, GIS map creation, and the creation and maintenance of geodatabases for projects involving roadways, drainage, water and sewer lines, right-of-way acquisition, utility relocation and other civil engineering items.

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  • President

    David has served as President of the company since early 2019.  He is responsible for the overall operations of the entire company as well as company policy in leading the Company Board of Directors.

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  • Justin holds a professional license in Oklahoma and Kansas and has been surveying for 25 years working on various types of surveys, including topographical, boundary, highway construction, design, site construction surveys, research, recoordation and legal descriptions.  

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  • MaKyla’s primary responsibilities include GIS analysis and tracking, GIS map creation, and the creation and maintenance of geodatabases for projects involving roadways, drainage, water and sewer lines, right-of-way acquisition, and other civil engineering items. 

    MaKyla's Bio

  • Gene’s experience working with various clients across the country in different markets offers Poe a unique perspective on program management that has proven beneficial not only to our clients, but also to industry peers.  

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  • Ryan’s work experience includes funding, design, and permitting of water distribution and wastewater collection systems and treatment facilities; GIS mapping, hydraulic modeling, and analysis of water distribution systems; and aerial construction observation.

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  • Doug’s experience includes a far encompassing body of work ranging from water and wastewater treatment and distribution and collection systems to arterial streets and urban interstates.

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  • Mike has supervised numerous surveying projects during his 26 years with Poe & Associates, Inc. His total experience encompasses 39 years, including various surveys required by ODOT, OTA, City of Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Grove, Broken Arrow, McAlester, Shawnee.

    Mike's Bio

  • Bill is a highly respected transportation engineer with experience designing urban expressways and municipal infrastructure projects including storm drainage systems, storm detention facilities, sidewalks and streets.

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